Just some average Kiwi blokes....

We are just some average Kiwi blokes who have a passion for what we are doing.

We are located in Taupo, Waikato, New Zealand. This is what's making the internet so great - geographic location no longer plays any role in your business potential.

We have clients from all over the world and in the process we do our little bit to promote New Zealand and share its excellence.

We know how lost you can feel when you start to fiddle with technology, and this is where we get into the picture. We will guide and support you to reach your goals and in the process we will empower you to actually being able to publish your own content on the web.

There are fantastic open source applications available, which just make it so much easier for the average person to tap into his own creativity and start publishing online content.

Give us a shout and find out how can assist you.